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April is Stormwater Awareness Month

The Madison County Storm Water Quality Partnership is comprised of several communities working together to improve storm water quality in Madison County through a coordinated education and outreach campaign. The communities have MS4 permits – Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System – and under the Clean Water Act administered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 'communities within urbanized areas are required to obtain permits for their storm water discharge and management systems.' This is due to rain or snow and ice melts, whose water flows from rooftops, driveways, streets, and parking lots into our lakes, rivers, and streams carrying with it numerous pollutants. The permit and monitoring system assures that the water released into our waterways meets certain health and safety standards. The communities partner to share the costs of meeting the permit requirements.

Emmis the Frog Meet Emmis

Emmis the Frog is Madison County's own Storm Water Quality advocate. Residing along the banks of the White River, Emmis enjoys walks along creeks and rivers, swimming, eating flies and protecting water quality in Madison County. Growing up as a tadpole, Emmis knew that he would one day work to increase storm water quality awareness to help keep his home free of trash, pesticides and other hazardous waste.

And while Emmis works hard, he cannot do it all by himself. Emmis needs YOU to help him spread the word and work to keep our waterways clean. To learn more about what you can do to help, explore this site and stay updated on MS4 Partnership events and activities throughout Madison County.

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